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Nursery Music and Movement Classes

In addition to our public classes, outdoor classes and private parties, Molly Moocow brings fun into nurseries across Surrey and West Sussex.

To find out more about what we offer and how our curriculum can benefit your nursery, please get in touch! Each person in our team has an advanced up to date DBS check.

Holistic development matters!

In today’s competitive market it is essential for providers of high quality nursery care and education to consider the holistic development of the children in their care. Parents want the nursery they choose for their child to be able to offer them every opportunity.
There is an abundance of research that highlights the benefits that a music and movement classes like Molly Moocow can have on a child’s overall development. But the real evidence is in the joy and enchantment shown in the faces of the children who experience Molly Moo!

What is Molly Moocow?

Molly Moocow provides exciting, fun and educational music, movement and drama classes for pre-school aged children.
Children respond so beautifully to music and drama. It’s the perfect platform to use to provide fun opportunities for learning in all areas of their development.

The Philosophy

Molly Moocow is based on the Montessori philosophy of seeing a child as a completely capable little person. We work to create a stimulating environment that provides freedom to explore and grow to their full potential. Since its conception in 2003 Molly Moocow has been firmly committed to maximising the learning experiences for every child who attends our sessions. Couched within formats that are fresh and fun for both carer and child. This philosophy underpins the development of all new and existing practices, and will ensure that we continue to offer innovative and exciting opportunities in the education and entertainment sector of child development.

nursery music movement classes

The Curriculum

Molly Moocow provides a vibrant theme based curriculum that includes music, movement, singing, drama, stories and role play. The themes change half-termly with titles such as ‘We’re going on Safari’, ‘Under the Sea’, ‘Pets Paradise’, ‘I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff!’ and the ‘The Music Bag is Full of Sound’. We support the stories, songs and activities used within each theme with a vast selection of puppets, percussion
instruments, props and play parachutes.

The ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework is incorporated into our curriculum. Every element of the structured sessions is designed to support the children with each stage of their development. We provide creative experiences that help children achieve many of the Early Learning Goals. Children are challenged to use imaginative skills, develop their cognitive skills, stimulate physical movement and coordination and develop self-assurance and confidence.

Physical Development

The young toddler begins to show increasing independence and obvious pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play. Our classes stress the importance of the ‘movement’ with the music. Motor planning is significant at this stage of development. Therefore we explore patterns, sequences of action and cooperative play. Carers help children learn to be competent problem solvers: from getting equipment in and out of the bags, to taking turns, to sharing and more.

Communication, Language & Literacy

Molly Moocow provides an environment that is rich in language and sound. Which is a key to encouraging a child’s essential language skills. A Molly Moocow class will teach critical listening and language skills that support their pre-school readiness through imaginary play, stories, equipment play, group and independent play. Our activities also focus on cooperative play, building the child’s imagination and thinking skills.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development and Expressive Arts & Design

Through singing, dancing, movement games and instruments, the children learn important musical “building blocks” like rhythm, tempo and melody and build a foundation of musical skills to grow on. These activities provide powerful tools that impact a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development too.

As children get older they are intellectually and physically ready to explore musical and drama activities in a whole new way.
At Molly Moocow children eagerly explore group activities, refining not only motor skills but also vital thinking, language, communication as well as social skills. The children’s creative spirit will blossom through stories and improvisation, songs and musical movement.
Please do get in touch with any questions or click here for further information.

These classes are booked on a half-termly basis.

Take the worry and stress out of organising your child’s party and let Molly entertain you.

Easter and Summer holiday outdoor sessions.