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We Believe in the Power of Play

Molly Moocow was created in Haslemere in 2003 by a local mum and is based on Montessori learning principles.

Montessori is a whole philosophy seeing a child as a completely capable little person and creating a stimulating environment that provides freedom to explore and grow into their full potential.

The best way for young children to learn is through play. In addition to becoming skilled at memorising lyrics, music offers children the opportunity to get a feel for the rhythm of language. And by encouraging children to move and sway with the music, we are not only opening them up to artistic interpretation, but are teaching them about body awareness and self-confidence too.

Children love Molly Moo and respond so beautifully to music and drama – it’s the perfect platform to use to provide fun opportunities for learning in all areas of their development.

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The ways we learn through play

Molly Moocow offers kids activities in Surrey and West Sussex. It provides a vibrant theme based curriculum that includes music, movement, singing, drama, stories and role play. The classes themes change half-termly with titles such as ‘We’re Going on Safari’, ‘Under the Sea’, ‘I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff!’ and the ‘The Music Bag is Full of Sound’. We support the stories, songs and activities used within each theme with a vast selection of puppets, percussion instruments, props and play parachutes. On the top of our regular classes we offer private parties, nursery classes and special spring and summer outdoor classes. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news.

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Our enthusiastic professionals educating and entertaining your children. We ensure that everyone working with your children has an advanced DBS check.

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