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musical classes questions
musical classes questions
musical classes questions

General FAQ

Based on Montessori principles, we provide age-tailored private and nursery classes, and party entertainment for babies, toddlers and young children.

‘The Montessori approach provides children with enduring intellectual capabilities, achieved through the framework of social and emotional learning.
Montessori develops the whole child. Academics and knowledge-building are key qualities of Montessori, as is the ability to think creatively and understand the needs of others. When these fundamental skills are fostered early in life, children gain the capability to problem solve, persevere, and interact well with others in any circumstance.’

You can find us mostly in Surrey and West Sussex. Please enquire about other areas.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like to cooperate and introduce Molly to other neighbourhoods.

Each person in our team has an advanced DBS check.

Yes, we do. We would recommend that if you have questions about your child’s specific needs, please contact us first so we can make sure your child will feel comfortable and supported in class. We understand that each child is unique, and their needs may vary. We strive to accommodate children with special needs by:

  1. Individualized Approach: We work closely with parents and guardians to understand the specific needs of each child and tailor our approach accordingly.
  2. Inclusive Environment: We foster an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in our classes, encouraging all children to participate and learn at their own pace.

We understand that some classes may be more stimulating or challenging for children with special needs. If a class becomes overwhelming for a child, we are flexible in allowing them to take a break or adjust their participation to ensure their well-being.

Please see our privacy policy page for full details but, in short, we have no interest in selling your data, or using any information you provide us in any way, except for the purposes of informing you of our events and managing any bookings you may make. We use Brevo to manage our subscriptions, Bookwhen to manage our classes bookings and Stripe for payment management. You can find their privacy policies by following the respective links. Should you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, you can do so via the unsubscribe link in our emails or by contacting us directly at info@mollymoocow.com

Party FAQ

Every town has a selection of village halls, church halls and sports pavilions which are available to hire out at an hourly rate. Lots of schools also hire out their rooms for parties. Information on venues in your area can usually be found by doing a simple google search. Molly Moocow has entertained at lots of venues so feel free to ask for suggestions.

You can hold the party at home, if you have enough clear space and you don’t mind the potential mess that a roomful of children can bring!

Two hours is the perfect length of time for a children’s party. This way you have plenty of time for activities, entertainment and a yummy party tea.

Parties work well at lunch and tea time. A lunch party usually runs from 11am – 1pm and a tea party usually runs from 3pm – 5pm. For example:

3.00pm – 3.30pm – Guests arrive and join in with suggested craft activity
3.30pm – 4.15pm – Molly Moocow party entertainment experience
4.15pm – 5.00pm – Tea time

While we are happy for parents and friends to join in and remain in the room, we must insist that they remain quiet during the 45 minutes of entertainment. Talking parents are a distraction for the children and may make them less willing to join in. As organiser of the party we will ask you to make sure that this request is respected.

The parents of children at our younger Moosical Parties will need to join and help their children with some of the activities.

We will bring everything needed for your Molly Moocow Experience but you will need to provide the party tea and materials for the suggested Arrival Activity. 

Classes FAQ

You can bring one sibling free of charge.

We offer classes targeted at toddlers, below the age of four, and for babies from five to eighteen months. However, we’re flexible when it comes to age groups, so if your child is outside the target age range but would like to join a class with a friend, that’s absolutely fine – we encourage connections and shared experiences!

You can – little ones learn from the older ones and get very excited when they can join in themselves. Older children are encouraged to assist their younger brothers, sisters and friends. But please bear in mind that our classes are age-appropriate, so your children will benefit the most from participating within their age group.

We do it to provide continuity which helps to achieve our educational goals. Little ones learn from repetition and gain confidence as they anticipate what is coming next.

Most of the classes last 30 minutes. Please try to arrive about 5 minutes before class to allow your child time to settle in and get ready for the class.

Please stay and have fun with us. Babies will need your help with some activities and older children love this occasion to spend quality time with parents and carers.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place, just drop us an email to let us know.

Usually not, but in case you need something, we will provide all the information in advance.

musical classes questions
musical classes questions